Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will I be able to call my child?

A: Your child will be assigned phone days while they are at the centre. They may call you or vice versa between the hours of 5:00-9:00 pm on that day. Should there be an emergency, please notify the assigned keyworker at any time so they can make arrangements to accommodate your request.

Q: What is a Keyworker?

A: Every youth that arrives at Siksika Medicine Lodge (SML) is assigned a Keyworker. A Keyworker is a Child & Youth Worker (CYW) that is responsible for your youth’s case management while at SML. The Keyworker will be your main contact and provide you with the following:

Q: When will I be able to visit my child?

A: Family members are encouraged to visit with their youth during treatment. However, we strongly recommend that family visits be scheduled 30 days after the youth has entered treatment. This gives your child the opportunity to settle into our program and begin their journey to wellness.

Q: How much notice is needed for a family visit?

A: We request that family members provide a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice for overnight visits, as we only have two family rooms. These rooms will need to be reserved on a first come basis.

Q: When can day visits be scheduled?

A: We request that you contact the youth’s assigned keyworker one week prior to the scheduled visit. Visits can be scheduled during one of the two times: a) Wednesday from 6 to 8 pm; or b) Sunday from 1 to 5 pm.

Q: How many people are allowed to visit?

A: Due to limited space, overnight visits are limited to two guests.

Q: Does my child need to have money while staying at Siksika Medicine Lodge?

A: We do go on outings with our clients, and there are opportunities for them to go shopping for clothing, etc. depending on their level. If you choose to leave money with the staff for your child, it will be recorded on their money form and then locked in the storage room. Every time money is taken is recorded and signed by the child and staff. The receipts are put into an envelope and kept in each child’s bin.

Q: Can I send my child money while they are at Siksika Medicine Lodge?

A: This is an option. There is a Western Union located in Wal-Mart in the town of Strathmore. If you would like to pursue this avenue we ask that you put the money order in your child’s Keyworkers name.

Q: Are clients permitted to smoke?

A: No, there is a non-smoking policy implemented for youth attending our Youth Treatment Centre.