Program Information

What We Offer

Our residential treatment program and services are for First Nation, Metis and Inuit youth with a solvent abuse and/or substance abuse problem. We provide treatment in a safe, supportive home-like environment where teens can begin to learn their new skills.

Our gender based program operates on 4-month cycles; rotating genders three times a year. The treatment program is based on First Nation Culture and Spirituality, and combines traditional and contemporary approaches to holistic treatment.

Treatment Program Component

The medicine wheel is incorporated into the client’s treatment at the Siksika Medicine Lodge as a guide to direct the course of treatment. The medicine wheel represents the mental, emotional, physical, & spiritual aspects of an individual. Each of the four areas are equally essential and the key is to have them all working and in balance. Any one neglected area will throw the whole system out of balance. The optimum conditions for learning require a balance in these four areas. During our 16 week program, we focus on one of the dimensions per month, and delve deeper into the necessity of keeping all the dimensions in harmony. The client’s Individual Treatment Plan (ITP) is also developed using the Medicine Wheel as its foundations.

Educational Programming

Schooling is an important part of our youth’s journey. Many have come into the Siksika Medicine Lodge feeling very unsuccessful in their educational career. Our school has a certified teacher who is in contact with the youth’s school prior to intake and after discharge, so that we can coordinate their continuation within that grade. We have a smaller instructional setting that allows our teacher to provide one-on-one time with youths to ensure greater success in the classroom.

Equine Programming & Animal Assisted Therapy

Our clients participate in a weekly Equine Assisted Therapy program through Spiritual Equine Connection, located just outside of the Town of Strathmore. This is a groundwork based activity where the clients interact with a horse doing a series skills, under the supervision of a certified ELA instructor. Each activity has an underlying theme that has been specifically design to build on the positive aspects of teamwork.

Mama is our onsite therapeutic dog. She joined the program over two years ago and since then she has been an integral part of creating a welcome environment for our youth. Animal assisted therapy has been shown to instil calmness and enhance confidence in individuals. The youth are able to practice and further develop emotional and social skills as well as foster a sense of responsibility in her care.

Recreational Programming

Some of the activities we participate in:

  • Jan-April: Skiing, Snow Boarding, Hockey, Weight Training, Swimming, Rock Climbing, Bouldering, Repelling, Curling, Team sports, and Yoga
  • May-August: Weight Training, Swimming, Rock Climbing, Bouldering, Repelling, Golfing, Weight Training, Slo-Pitch, Team sports, and Yoga
  • September-December: Golfing, Skiing, Snowboarding, Swimming, Rock Climbing, Bouldering, Repelling, Weight Training, Hockey, Team sports, and Yoga
Nutritional Programming

Nutrition for our youth is often a struggling point. We provide proper nutrition to our clients through our menu and their nutritional sessions. By implementing a menu that follows the Canada Food Guide our youth learn how important proper meal planning is.