Referral & Admission

Referral & Admission Requirements

The Siksika Medicine Lodge is a youth treatment service; parents or caregivers cannot directly refer their youth. All youth admitted to our program must be referred by a counselor in their area such as: Social Workers, NNADAP Workers, Mental Health Workers, Wellness Workers, or School Counselors.

The application process consists of completion of the Youth Treatment Intake Form and forwarding any requested collaborative reports. This information is reviewed to determine an appropriate client/treatment match. Note that there is typically a wait list for services. The SML will advise your counselor of the waitlist status for each program or service.

Before sending referrals to the Medicine Lodge, you will need to confirm that the following criteria have been met:

Applicants to the program are screened to determine the program's suitability to effectively meet their needs. Potential clients need to acknowledge their substance abuse issues and be willing to make lifestyle changes.

Admission to the SML is on a voluntary basis and all residents are expected to be actively involved in their own treatment. The staff encourage the youth to learn new approaches to understanding and expressing their needs and feelings.

Getting Started

The following resources are available to begin the application process: