Our Philosophy

Our Mission

The Siksika Medicine Lodge will provide holistic healing through culturally based treatment services for First Nations & Inuit youth, families and their communities.

Our Vision

The Siksika Medicine Lodge is an environment where First Nations & Inuit people are interdependent, respectful, and have the courage to ensure the continuance of our cultural values.

Our Values

The mandate of the Siksika Medicine Lodge is to provide solvent abuse treatment for youth within a safe, respectful environment with culturally informed programs and services that will be of the utmost benefit for living a healthy life.

  • Honour - We affirm and support the voice of youth and as such we will listen to their voices to hear how we can help make a difference in their lives. In this dialogue, we will always act in a way that honours their leadership.
  • Resilience -We know that as First Nations and Inuit people that we have a rich and vibrant story, culture and identity. We will honour the choice we have in practicing healthy living through culture.
  • Trust - We believe in youth and believe they can and will do what is needed for healthy living.
  • Community Partnerships - Linking with communities and organizations to ensure youth have the best opportunities to honour their strengths and potential.
  • Acceptance of Diversity - Through cultural programs and teachings, we plant a “seed” that connects youth to their spirit, their identity, family and land.
  • Accountability for Today and the Future - We view our work with great purpose and meaning - doing everything we can to ensure an amazing life for families, their children and grandchildren both now and in the future. We therefore hold ourselves accountable for doing whatever we can to make this happen for the people we serve, and for the generations who come after us.
  • Kindness - We will encourage the potential in others and focus our efforts on the possibilities beyond our everyday challenges. In this way we will strive to create hope and optimism.
  • Collective Wisdom - We will draw on our own wisdom and experience, acknowledging that most often; we have the answers that can collectively benefit all. Through continuous and collaborative education we can ensure wisdom for the future.
  • Belonging - We will encourage healthy relationships to promote organizational cohesion, and work to honour the purpose we all have in this Creation.
  • Honesty - We will act with openness and integrity in all relationships to ensure the best results for the youth. It is equally important to ensure that the way decisions are arrived at are understood and communicated.
  • Respect - We acknowledge the basic good in everyone despite the challenges that people face. Incorporating respect into our daily living ensures healthy relationships between people and with the land.